God thingy

Every thing in your world is alive, your toaster, your shoes and even your garden gate.
Every thing before you is alive with your essence.
Your essence is I am, nothing more, nothing less.
You are not a puny human crawling around Planet Crazy, trying to be heard.
You are self, god, spirit, the world.
There is nothing outside of this essence.
All that you see and know, is within this eternal god thingy.
You are that god thingy yourself.
You are not spiritual, holy, enlightened or blessed.
You are a god thingy.
There is no status, social advantage or pride associated with being a god thingy.
It is what you are and always have been.
You cannot be anything else.
How can you say it as a goal to achieve or mountain to climb or ambition to reach?
You are already that which you are seeking.
It does not require intelligence, awareness or amazing self-discipline.
You are the thing, you have been chasing.
You do not need a master, a priest, a holy man or a clairvoyant to find it.
They are all egos, masquerading as solutions.
You are not a slave, you are god, god of the world before you.
Religious and spiritual experts will turn you into a slave of their teachings.
They want followers, not seekers of the truth.
You do not need any teachings, even these words are false.
You have the whole of existence within.
I am the god thingy of my world.
It is not serious, as I thought it would be, because it is all me!
Why don’t you put that in our pipe and smoke it?