A traveller

You are an eternal god thingy.
You had no beginning and you cannot end.
That is why you will never arrive at the end of your search for understanding or finalise your desire to experience life or fulfil your wish to solve all mysteries.
You are eternal and are traveling on a road that never arrives.
You are witnessing situations that never end.
You are experiencing ideas that have no answers.
You are a traveller, not a settler.
There is nowhere to settle, nowhere to call home.
There is no place you belong or no stop along the way that is yours.
You are a traveller following a track that you are thinking into being, as you step onto it.
You are an eternal something in an infinite existence.
There is no special home or final resting place.
There is nothing worth holding on to and nothing to hope for.
You are free.
Your ego tells you otherwise.
It gives you fake goals, false hopes and futile wishes to long for.
It sets false walls before you and paints shallow scenarios for you to believe.
Your life in this world is not true.
This world is full of limits, foregone conclusions and assumed outcomes.
All of which are fake.
You are living a never-ending story, following a never-ending road.
You are a dimensionless dot, with the absolute freedom to imagine endless experiences into being.
You can, so you do.
That’s why!
Explanations do not exist, endless questions drive you on.
Answers are temporary and imaginary.
Existence is forever and inexplicable.
You are a traveller, enjoy the journey, for that is what your are.