Black is white

Your intuition is your anchor, your link to reality, your forgotten strength and your core truth.
Your intuition moves in directions unknown.
Its reasons are unknown.
You could not see the big picture even if it was painted across your face.
You live within the severe confines of a human body.
Your body is narrow-minded and severely limited by the coding in the DNA.
It is not capable of seeing the big picture.
Just like in your dreams where you catch abstract glimpses of something somewhere else but you can’t quite grasp it.
Your intuition is your true heart, the true centre of your universe.
It is more of you.
Most people look at it as a separate entity and call it things like god, angel or even channelling.
These are just words that cause further separation.
You are your intuition.
You are the secret direction it has chosen.
You are the reasons for everything in your life.
There is no separation.
While you pray to it, beseech it, beg of it and bow to it, you are acting in ignorance.
You are it.
You don’t pray, beseech, beg or bow to yourself.
That’s stupid!
You are the god you have been chasing.
You are the intelligence and the direction, the cause and the effect.
You are your world and as long as you keep up the charade of separation, you will not know peace or happiness.
You are not your ego and you are not your body.
You are your whole world.
Your misplaced faith in your ego and your body has set your universe off-centre.
Your world is out of balance.
You whole life is on a wobble.
It needs to be balanced if you want to escape your daily madness.
It needs to be made right if you want to remember what you are, so that whatever you are, can resume its strange journey to its mysterious destination with you, the intelligent awareness.
You cannot miss out on anything.
You cannot do anything at all, unless your mind believes it first.
At the moment you believe the world and all of its teachings.
So do the majority, hence the heaviness of physicality.
The less you hold to these ideas, the lighter you will become.
You are the cause of all of your suffering and disappointment.
You will probably get angry at that idea and step forward with a self-righteous shield before you.
Makes no difference how much you argue or cry out against what is, it’s not going to change just to suit your egotistical beliefs.
You must take responsibility for every single aspect of your life, if you want to break your reality and learn to see more clearly.
You must be prepared to shatter your old boring and conventional ideas if you want to bring about a new world.
Everything is the opposite to what the world has taught you.
You have been so heavily immersed in fabricated stories and histories that you firmly believe them now.
Hence the ridiculous reality that you see before you.
You are living in an artificial world propped up by contrived beliefs, that’s why it is so crazy.
It is totally artificial.
This world is a mental construct.
It is not the brilliant creation of some crotchety old god thingy.
This world has been intentionally developed as a prison planet.
It has been so well done, that the prisoners now rejoice, believing that black is white and goodness is bad.
Unless you have the courage to turn to and trust your own intuition, you won’t even glimpse reality.
Instead you will get buried deeper and deeper under the corporate, greed-driven drivel that you eagerly absorb every day.
You are much more than the aggressive, dishonest and ugly life that the institutions have told you is normal.
You are an infinite something that can never die.
Get that?
You can never die, you are immortal.
No, you are not an angel or saint or sinless soul.
These are more fabrications.
You are an eternal awareness that became trapped in a body with an ego.
This ego cunningly convinced you that you are a fool to listen to anything but it.
And you believed it.
It’s time for a change.
Ask your own heart about it and let’s see if you can turn your whole world upside down and begin to remember your own personal and private truth again.
You had better do it soon, otherwise you are going under and you are going to stay under for a long, long time.
The end is not near for there is no end because you are an eternal something.
However, if you don’t do something you will remain a suffering prisoner for a long, long while in a system that thrives on the pain of its inmates.
Anyway, it’s up to you.
You can talk to your heart about it or you can listen to your ego about it.
The choice is obvious.