Your true heart communicates with all true hearts.
Your essence, which is absolute freedom, is a unique expression of all absolute freedom.
You are a god thingy.
It is a unique expression, of all that is the big god thingy.
You are a singular colour in the total infinite existence of all colour.
Your intuition is an indefinable, eternal thing that is separate but at the same time in touch with the whole.
When you trust your life to your own truth, it communes with other personal truths within all of life to bring about the relationships and situations desired.
You are not an isolated eternal something floating freely where you will.
You are an aspect of that which is everything.
You can be anywhere and anytime and anyplace that you desire for your true heart is everything that you could desire.
This is your truth, your true state of being.
Through your intuition, you can be in touch with all existence.
That’s big, that’s mind bogglingly big.
However, this earth reality is a created world of water robots.
They only communicate within the most basic and obvious physical limitations.
They have been programmed to deny anything outside of the the physical reality.
The true depth and purposes of this physical reality is beyond your understanding.
It is alien to your senses and strange beyond your experiences.
It is layers and mystical layers deep, impossible for a mere earthly brain to ever untangle.
The main thing to concern yourself with is you are an unwilling prisoner within a harsh and rigid system.
This system has restricted your senses to such an extent that you are totally ignorant of what is really going on.
This world has reasons far beyond even the knowledge of the ruling presence of big brother.
It should not be of interest to you.
Do not waste your time trying to fight it or trying to understand it.
Pursuing this line of enquiry is a major distraction from your singular purpose.
Your purpose should be to remember what you are.
You have forgotten to such an extent that now you think it is foolish to even consider such questions.
You are an eternal something trapped in a water robot.
Let your imagination run wild and think about it.
Your essence is absolute freedom and remembering this is your key to a good life.
Trust your intuition, it is vastly intelligent and has unlimited resources.
Your intuition is in contact with all of existence, it’s yourself.