I am humour

I am humour
I am a contradiction in understandings.
I am the paradox in philosophies.
I am the brutally honest words of a child.
I am a pleasant surprise and the happy unexpected.
I arrive through one door while you are watching another.
I helped you hide your greatest treasures, in a place you would not remember to look.
You have spent eons trying to find them again.
Who would think of looking under his nose?
I helped you hide the understanding of yourself, so that you could immerse yourself in a fleshy earthly reality.
I hid your truth under layers of rules, rituals and clever arguments.
You searched and searched for understanding.
You listened to idiots, read a lot of stupidity and even practiced inane postures, in your hunt for the answers to life.
All the time, all the answers, lay in your own heart.
Who would have thought you carried within you what you were looking for outside of yourself?
How funny!
And who would have thought that the answers depended upon you slowing down and doing nothing.
Instead, you raced around your little world with your busy little mind, trying to put together a jigsaw made up of the wrong pieces.
How funny!
I am the one who made you slip going up the steps in front of all those people.
I am the one who made you forget to close your zip when it mattered.
I am humour, I am you.
You are the one who played these tricks on yourself.
Nobody else could do it to you, because you are your world.
There is nobody else but you, dreaming this world into existence.
What a joke!
Even now, you think it is important and quite a serious matter.
It is all a big joke that you played on yourself.
You were never lost.
The truth was never hidden.
You are the god you were looking for.
You are the answers that you prayed for.
You are the creator that you worshipped.
I am you.
You are me.
I am.
It’s so funny.
You can never die.
You can never disappear.
You can never go wrong.
You have forever to play, whatever game, in whatever world you choose.
There is no hurry because you are not going anywhere.
Want to know why?
Because there is nowhere to go.
You never left home.
You were never anything else but god, existence, I am, the exalted one, the god thingy, the source, call it what you want.
Don’t worry, sometime within the next 50,000 years or so, we’ll all be sitting around a bar somewhere, laughing at all this nonsense we went through, just because we thought it would be fun to visit a prison planet.
It’s all quite funny really.
I am humour, so are you.
I am, I AM.