I am so spiritual

Spirituality was invented by the ego.
So was holy, gifted, evolved, blessed, divine and transcended.
All of these terms denote subtle goals that can never be reached.
They are words created by man to have power over mankind.
Spiritual implies spirit-filled.
This is a meaningless and imaginative interpretation of life.
How can anything be any other way than spirit-full?
Everything is life, spirit, god thingy, call it what you might.
You can’t be more full than being made of the stuff.
As far as being spirit-minded, the difference between a full ego and a full heart is negligible.
Humanity is so devoid of understanding that a tiny amount of insight is highly regarded and treated as a great gift.
You are easily impressed with a few words and a little sincerity.
This is a mere grain of sand beside the mountain.
Nobody is really gifted, special or magnificently holy.
The human body is a prison, there is still a long way to go before the door is unlocked and the human race can understand its place in the cosmos.
In the meanwhile, everybody is impressed with the faintest of glimpses of insight, and it’s called spirituality.
The wisest in the world are like 3 year olds talking to 2 year olds.
Gurus, teachers and religious leaders are fine, as long as you don’t take them as seriously as they take themselves.
Nobody has anything to say that is of great importance.
Nobody can really see any further than anyone else.
Humanity is dragging around in a swamp in a storm, trying desperately to make sense of the stars.
Humanity is given glimpses, hints, flashes of insight and whispers of what might be.
That’s enough to keep them busy.
Let them play with those things for a few years until they are mature enough to build themselves out of the swamp and eventually rise above the clouds.
Give a 3 year old a guitar and you a not going to hear much of value for a few years.
In the meanwhile, some of the more spiritual types make rudimentary sounds with their guitars and claim to the world that it is beautiful music.
As yet, there has been very little true music written but it’s coming.
In time, in little steps, sweet sounds will be added to the world and eventually, one day, years from now, humanity will begin to sing.
Even then, it will take many generations before the song is mature and sweet enough to join in the chorus of other worlds and other life forms, throughout the living universe.
So be patient and focus on your heart for your answers, that’s your most reliable source of information at the moment.
Everything else, including what is written here, is like the sound of rain on a tin roof, pleasant enough, can’t make much sense of it, but it can certainly send you to sleep.