I want to be a psychic

A clairvoyant, psychic, mystic or seer, what are the abilities these people have?
What part of existence are they seeing?
Can anyone do it?
Everyone can do everything but whether you would want to is another thing.
You have a heart that is characteristic of you only.
It is your true heart, your eternal identity.
This is what determines your range of interests.
You may not want to be a psychic, you may want to be a cyclist or a even a psychotic.
It’s your choice.
Those who are psychics are seeing through a tiny window in their hearts into the infinite.
Through this window, they are able to see past, future and present all as one.
These things exist in the infinite but most people are so bound by the physical world that not only are they blind, they are ready to mock anyone else who has abilities that they don’t.
You can do it now if you desire.
Sit still, calm your mind and ask your heart to see your future self.
With a little practice you can become very good at it.
But maybe it’s not you.
Maybe you are not interested, it’s your choice.
Abilities are there to be had if you are willing to make a little regular effort to perfect them.
Sit still, ask to see a solution to a problem you have.
You can do anything once you learn to trust your infinite heart.
It’s always the same requirement, practice, consistent practice.
How do you think anyone who is talented gets that way?
Don’t tell me that they are blessed, that’s a copout for those who are too lazy to practice.
There’s no god thingy handing out skills just because he likes the look of the person.
Whether you want to be a mystic, a mime or a mountain climber, it’s all the same, you just have to practice that’s all.