Infinite Harmony

There is a pattern, an intelligent structure that you exist within.
It is made of actions and reactions, causes and results, infinite divisions and alternative paths.
It is endless.
Behind it all, floating, existing, being in eternity, is some sort of god thingy that caused first action.
This is the something that kick-started these layers and layers of breathtaking cosmic architecture.
These layers of patterns have no boundaries and seep through infinite dimensions and realities.
The endless grandness of the universe is part of their playground, just as much as the finite and ordinary.
Everything from the ordinary to the outstanding is guided in the way it presents its face to existence.
There is a harmony, there are restrictions, a hidden but beautiful melody, in every aspect of existence.
Nothing sings alone.
Each is part of a cosmic choir, of heart-wrenching harmonious beauty.
This choral symphony keeps existence united, with a sound that is too high to be heard, with a song that is too rich to be sung and a voice that is too beautiful to bear.
There is infinite harmony within every aspect of existence, no matter how isolated, insular, lonely or lost.
This harmony is the song between lovers.
It is the rhythm of the dance between friends, countries and even worlds.
Infinite harmony is the colour of your true heart.
You can hear it any time, if you take a moment to listen.
Your infinite self, your eternal awareness, your cosmic intelligence, sings this song to you throughout your life.
It is a reminder that there is a path in the dark, love in loneliness and contentment in silence.
There is a pattern of harmony in everything, but unless you are still, you will probably miss it.
That’s okay, whenever you are ready to hear it, just stop and listen, it’s always there.
I AM, Infinite Harmony.