Lovely to know

It is no good going over your past mistakes as if you can change them.
The past is not repeatable, so you won’t get another chance at it.
You heal your life by changing the future, not by changing the past.
You can dwell on the past all day but you won’t change it.
You can dwell on the future all day and as you do, you change it.
You can make your future difficult or you can make it pleasant, it all depends on what you think about.
You might have an illness that you wish you didn’t have.
Repeatedly worrying about it, only makes it worse.
Moving into your future and planting a healing symbol can do a lot to alleviate it.
Ask your intuition about it today!
You have millions of loose thoughts floating around your mind.
They have been there all of your life and some of them are as old as humanity because you inherited them from humanity.
Every single one of these thoughts has an influence on your future.
If you think it and consider it, it has an effect on your future and it gets added to the insane mix in your mind.
Where do you think the future comes from?
There’s no clever god thingy playing ‘shuffle the situation’.
Neither is there a random incident generator spinning wildly out of control.
The future is not owned by a religion, a government or a corporation.
Your thoughts are your future.
You own your future but unfortunately, you gave it away.
You gave it to your ego, trusting that it is your friend.
It is not your friend, it is only interested in leading you down, down, down even deeper into the confusing darkness of life.
Your ego is big brothers representative in your head.
It is sneaky, conniving and wants to see you fail.
Big brother, whatever it is, lives from the energy of suffering and has not the slightest interest in the welfare of any living thing in this world.
You will continue to be a victim of nastiness if you don’t take control of your life.
There is only one way to escape the greedy clutches of this life-sucking nastiness.
You have to listen to your intuition.
Your intuition is your true heart, your only true guide, your only reliable source of information.
Everything else is a pretence and a sham.
Your logic and rational mind works to deny your intuition, that’s the way your ego has set it up for you.
You can’t blame anyone else or any situation because you are the one that chose to repeatedly compromise your heart and chose to listen to your chaotic head instead.
You need to listen to your intuition because it will show you how to change your future.
There is no battle to be won or any lessons to be learned.
All you have to do is choose its kind guidance over every other choice, every time.
You will soon find yourself stepping out of the mad maze that you now live within.
Stop thinking stupid and negative thoughts.
You can do this because it’s your head and you are in charge but you forgot to take control.
Stop making up angry scenarios or playing out endless ‘what-ifs’ in your mind.
Make sure your fantasies are positive and true to your heart.
It’s not difficult, it’s just like changing your diet.
You need a few weeks of consistent self-discipline and suddenly it becomes a normal part of your life.
Forget your past mistakes.
Everyone has them and you will keep having them if you keep listening to your ego.
Focus on the good things in life as a distraction but listen to your heart as a way of life.
You are the source of all power in your world but you gave the controls to an idiot to play with.
That’s not such a smart thing to do.
You are the ruler of your world and at the moment you are biting your nails while a monster runs riot with your kingdom.
Your intuition is your true and faithful assistant.
Ask it for help and you will never be denied.
Isn’t that lovely to know?