Misguided pleasures

Everything you ever searched for in this world, was only a symbol for an answer that already lies in your heart.
Everything you want to own is only a symbol of your innermost desire to release your heart and to fulfil your life.
The physical world is only a symbol.
It is not the truth, it is a reality but not the reality.
Your infinite heart is the only true reality.
Everyone is confused and imagines that the answer always lies in the outer world.
The outer world is a reflection of your mind.
Your desires are a reflection of the yearning in your heart to release your own truth.
Your desires are misunderstood by your mind and it converts them to physical yearnings, to shopping, to the accumulation of worthless goods, to the pursuit of inane pleasures.
Your world is misunderstood by your physical mind.
And to make it worse, your ego continually confuses the situation with false information and empty temptations.
You are living in a fake existence.
Nothing is as it seems or as it should be.
Everything is the opposite to what reality should be for you.
Reality is personal and at the moment you are living a shared reality that you call planet earth.
It’s only natural that you feel uncomfortable here, it’s not your world, it’s a group world created by unique individuals, beings that don’t suit being confined to narrow group mentality.
This world is designed and owned by creatures that you would view as alien because they are so different to you.
To them humanity is like the cattle that humanity grows to eat, simply a commodity, a food source.
Your emotions and fears are the food source for the beings that control this world.
You are a slave to their devious ways.
Continually you are led away from your own truth and distracted with lies and promises by the ego.
Everything in your life is symbolic of your situation but not a truth in itself.
You are the only truth in your world but until you give yourself more time and space for peace and quiet, you will remain ignorant of your own powers.
You need to fulfil your simple destiny, the same potential destiny of every human being, you need to remember what you are, that’s all, very simple.
The answer broadly, is that you are an infinite something, an eternal thing that creates worlds, a god of sorts that makes its own existence.
But you’ve not only forgotten, you are now offended by such statements.
You make worlds by thinking them into existence.
You have been misled into thinking that this reality is solid and the only real existence.
You have been taught that you are a temporary fleshy thingy, living one very short life on a wondrous planet.
This planet is a beautifully designed killing world.
Everything must kill another something to live.
You are an infinite heart trapped inside a physical body.
This body has an intelligence called the ego.
It is very cunning and smart.
Its job is to keep you from remembering.
You have an incredible amount of faith in it, even though it repeatedly disappoints you.
It is time you turned your back on its murky mumblings and instead tuned into your heart and learned to trust your intuition.
Trust that silent inner something that never ever misleads.
This is what you are, your inner voice, your intuition, your eternal heart.
This is what you forgot you are.
Start taking notice of it now and gradually you will learn to trust its whisperings to such an extent that you consciously become this thing again.
Remembering will not be some spectacular religious event, nor will it be an extraordinary cosmic happening.
Remembering what you are, will simply bring a return to the normal and proper situation that you left eons ago.
You left it to explore that interesting world called earth.
Look around and start to read the signs
Your whole world is a symbol of you.
Drop your fascination for media, music and other distractions and take more notice of what’s going on around you in your immediate world.
You are a god thingy and you forgot.
That’s worse than winning the lotto and losing the ticket.
Every single thing in your world tells you exactly the state of your mind.
If you don’t like what you see, only you can change it.
This world and all of its complexities is the state of your mind.
Change your mind and you change the world.