The faulty puzzle

Solving the puzzle of life is the core of living on this world.
Billions of people try and solve it and at best, billions merely place a few odd bits together.
They only see the tiniest portion solved, never the whole.
Every one of these billions of people will give you their own variation on what little they understand as the answer to life’s puzzle.
It’s a trick, a diversion, a cunningly designed time waster.
The puzzle of life has no answer.
Parts are missing and other parts do not even belong to it.
It is not a cohesive whole that you can’t quite grasp.
It is a purposely mismatched maze with no solutions.
The puzzle of life cannot be solved because it is not real.
The puzzle does not contain the solution, it deflects you from seeing it.
The puzzle confuses your senses.
Your innate tendency to clarify things leads you ever onward to try and solve puzzles.
You choose a career with this in mind.
You play games, sports, watch movies and read stories all because you like the challenge of overcoming a difficult situation.
All of these things present you with problems that need to be solved.
The problem with the puzzle of life as you have been taught to see it, is the way you see it.
Consider the puzzle of life as a giant jigsaw that you spend your life trying to solve.
You would hope that by the time you die, you have completed your quest and the understanding is clearly laid out before you.
Perhaps you expect that you will eventually have all of the pieces together and the answers will be obvious.
That’s a nice theory but based on a false presumption.
You are presuming that who or whatever made the puzzle, wants you to solve it.
What if the consciousness that built this reality does not want you to find the truth?
What if the god thingy that you have been taught to respect and pray to, is actually big brother, the negative force that wants to keep you in ignorance?
Then the puzzle would obviously be fake, faulty and impossible to solve.
This is what has happened.
You cannot solve the puzzle of life by using life as you know it on planet earth.
This whole world is a series of intentional misdirections, fake promises and empty solutions.
You have been led to roads that are dead ends and promised rewards that are hollow.
The puzzle is before you, so you have been led to believe.
It’s all an intentional lie.
You look out into the physical world and see problems that need to be solved.
You marvel at the beauty of nature and the grandness of the cosmos.
This overwhelming vista is a puzzle that you would love to understand.
But it’s all a nasty trick.
It is not what you have been taught to believe.
Everything they told you is wrong.
If you sit and watch a movie, it won’t take long for you to become absorbed in the images and the story line.
You might become intrigued by the process of making movies.
It’s a puzzle that you would love to solve.
You can look at the big screen all day and analyse every movie as much as you want.
However, from that perspective, there is no way that you will ever understand how a movie is made.
You are in that exact same position with life.
Observing the finished product will not help you understand how the production was actually assembled.
Most movies are made by greedy corporations whose only interest is making quick money from the easily misled audience.
Movies are not made to educate you or to enlighten or to smarten your senses.
They are made to make a profit.
You can analyse every word spoken and every nuance from every actor but you will never see any evidence of this underlying money-hungry motivation.
Behind-the-scenes, the world of movies is an ugly clash of egos.
This world is the same.
The exquisite beauty of nature, the brilliant design of all manner of life and the richness of experience all serve to mislead you.
They take you away from the underlying motive of its production.
This world is a murderous prison.
Everything must kill or be killed for survival.
Each prisoner is only a source of energy to the powers that designed the world.
The more suffering and negativity in this reality, the greater the energy provided to the feeders.
You are looking at a multi-dimensional movie.
Your whole life is occurring on the screen of your senses.
You have forgotten that you are not a helpless player but an eternal something trapped in a body, ruled over by an ego.
The movie is called life and it is intentionally dishonest, dishonourable and disastrous.
If you want to understand how movies are made, you have to get out of the theatre and seek other sources of information.
Life before you is the after-effect.
Like a normal movie, it has already happened, you are looking at the past.
There is nothing you can do in the physical world to change it.
You are a victim of a bad movie that you, yourself are unwittingly writing.
If you want to solve the puzzle then you have to start searching in a whole new way, from a whole new perspective.
Best ask your intuition about it before you write yourself into a really hopeless situation.