This is not a test

Life is not a test or a trial.
You are not being led through crazy, difficult and ridiculous tasks so that you pass some sort of crazy admission requirement for a place in an uncomfortably perfect, heavenly setting.
This heavenly world is ruled over by a god who never gave you a fair go when you were alive but for some reason loves you now.
You are not going to be rewarded for being good by some hierarchical angelic order of god thingies.
Nor are you going to a place where they take pleasure in torturing you forever.
It’s all a fairy tale.
It keeps people under control using fear and promise.
It promises rewards for those who follow the party line and obey big brother.
It promises problems for those that disobey.
It’s a strange situation, because even though the big boss is supposed to be compassionate, he still seems to like to see a bit of torture and suffering.
There is nothing to pass or fail.
You are not being examined.
You will not go up or down a level in the game if you make a mistake or do something nice.
There is no register being kept of your deeds so that you can suffer or get a good position in the next life.
There is nothing to fear except your own undisciplined thoughts.
You are the mysterious power that is setting the pattern for your life.
Your thoughts are your future.
You continually set the stage for the play in which you are always the star.
You are the script writer and the producer.
Your mind is being expressed as reality before your eyes right now.
Right at this very second, everything you see before you is a reflection of your thoughts.
Everything is from your mind and as a result of what’s in your mind.
Thinking creates this world.
This reality is not a solid orb floating around infinite space, full of amazing life forms that just happen to have evolved here out of nothing but sheer luck.
Neither is it something that some angry god thingy put together in a few days and then gave it away to humanity to do whatever they liked with it.
That sounds too stupid to even think about, yet that’s what people are taught and so that’s what they gullibly believe.
Everything you have been taught is back to front.
You are living in an opposite world.
The real world is hidden behind the facade that you stare into each day.
All of the activity in the outer world is a distraction from the truth that lies in your inner world.
Your beliefs are deeply written into your being and they cloud your mind and smother the voice of your intuition.
Peoples minds are hardened and that’s what gives this world its stability.
Their thoughts are set in stone.
They are closed to disagreement and offended by new ideas.
This world is constructed on the rigidity of the mass mind.
That’s why power mongers tell societies what to think and what to fear.
They want to keep reality headed in the direction which keeps them in power.
The rulers of this planet understand the power of the mind and use it against you.
Humanity has created this world and so humanity can change it.
It won’t take much of a nudge to bring about a new and honest reality.
The problem is, people have been taught to reject the truth and to embrace idiocy.
Perhaps someone, somewhere will speak, write, sing or do something that will break the ice around some of those hearts and set the world off in a new direction.
In the meanwhile, this reality is not a test, you are not being judged.
No, it is much worse than that, you are a prisoner whose freedoms continue day by day to be whittled away.
You can’t afford to wait any longer or it could be too late.
Your mind might become so closed that there is no longer any chance that you can hear your intuition ever again.
All that will be left will be a heartless, foolish ego who thinks he knows everything but never actually does anything.
Look around and beware, there are many like that already.
Wake up, you are losing the only thing in life of any true value, your true heart, your intuition, your own truth and you are trading it for trivialities and trinkets.
This is not a test, it’s a disaster.