Trudging through treacle

It’s not easy to make things happen in this reality.
Planet earth is a sticky world, everything gets stuck and it’s hard to move things along.
People’s minds get stuck in the same old groove and it’s difficult to even get them to think, let alone consider alternative ideas.
It’s often hard to get out of bed or get yourself off to work.
You almost feel that you are moving through treacle, as you drag your body upright to face the new day.
Your mind is heavy when you are tired.
It’s too hard to think when you’ve had a busy day.
It is like dragging every thought through heavy oil before you even get to look at it.
Life is often sticky or stuck.
The system likes to slow you down with laws, rules, restrictions, expectations and tradition.
Many people have to drag themselves through each day, is if they are trudging through sticky mud.
Religions are heavy with old, boring texts, sticky moral laws and stuffy teaches and leaders.
For most people the work day drags and their problems keep on piling up.
Like sluggish water building up from fallen trees and debris in a flooded river.
You are trudging through treacle because you are fighting your own ego.
You are following its unreliable advice and ignoring your whispering heart.
The sticky treacle, the slimy mud, the slow stirring oil, are the residue of your ego.
It is the cost of ignoring your own self.
It is the arrogance of doing it your way and denying your own intuition.
Your ego makes life sticky.
It leads you into swampy, dangerous territory and bogs you down with problems and complications.
You might claim that it’s not fair and that you are only a victim.
You are a victim alright, a victim of your own laziness, a victim of you constantly choosing head over heart.
You are a victim of yourself.
Instead of listening to the ever-reliable and moral advice of your own heart, you choose to sell out and take the money and run.
But you can’t run far, your ego bogs you down and makes everything difficult.
You are stuck in the sticky cycle of ignorance.
You life does not have to be a drag through the dregs of negativity but you keep making decisions that take you further from you own heart.
You are trudging through treacle.
It has trickled into your days from the treachery of your own ego.
You chose to do it that way, you can just as easily choose to undo it.
Slow down and listen to your intuition, your infinite consciousness.
You are an eternal awareness, this is your world, you created it.
You forgot and got stuck in the mud of your own making.
So you’re really only trapped, until you decide you won’t be any more.
After all, it’s your world, you’re the god thingy in charge.
You forgot and thought your ego was, how scary!