Wandering pelicans

Imagine a set of Russian dolls that looked like you.
There is one inside another, on and on forever.
At the moment you are the tiniest doll.
The next one is only slighter bigger than you are now, but your awareness will step into that one shortly, by the time you’ve read this page.
Every time you are at a cross road, which is many times a day, and you make a decision that is in harmony with your intuition, you step up into another doll.
Each doll is an extended version of yourself.
It’s slightly bigger in awareness than you are now.
When you make a decision that is ego-based, you stay in the same old doll.
Nothing changes, you are stuck.
You can only escape from your present shell by being heart-felt.
When you choose heart over head, you are expanding your awareness.
Many times daily, you can step up into the next and the next or you can just stay there, bogged down by your own failure to think bigger.
You are a step-up god.
Constantly you have the opportunity to step up into the next mould of yourself.
The changes are subtle, but real.
Over many years of not compromising your heart, your intuition becomes your real voice and your life becomes a real life, freed from many of the binding restrictions of the vain-glorious ego.
You are a step up god, one step for every good decision you make.
There are an infinite number of steps, they never stop and you never arrive.
It’s about change, not a destination.
There is no destination, you are already everything.
You are an awareness moving through, step by step to increase your awareness within your own world.
You won’t one day wake up and walk across the lake or turn expensive champagne into cheap wine or do any of the other impractical and showy miracles expected of a god thingy.
No that’s only in books.
In real life you simply become more of the something that you already are.
Nobody will even notice, is it is a very subtle and private thing.
Though someone who hasn’t seen you for years might comment that you seem very weird these days.
They just won’t get it.
It’s different for everybody, so I haven’t got a clue what you will do.
For all I know, you might spend your days being chased by dead people because they didn’t want you to raise them, they were happy where they were.
Or you might grow magic wings and join a flock of wandering pelicans.
Life is intensely personal and individual.
What you do, nobody else can do.
So just keep making the right decisions and step by step you will merge with more and more of your god-ness until you too are amazing the world, perhaps by turning water into diesel fuel and making a fortune.