You are a god thingy

Imagine your intuition is like a god, your own personal god.
It observes every single thing you do, without exception.
It is with you always watching and offering to give you everything.
The problem is, your awareness is so tightly associated with your ego, that you won’t listen to anything else.
So your own personal god is sitting there handing out gifts, ideas and rich opportunities while you sit in a corner sulking and saying that you prefer to do it your own way.
You prefer to make your own decisions.
You prefer to believe in the world and believe that that’s where you will find your answers.
Even though every single life experience you have ever had points the other way, you refuse to believe in anything but the insane ramblings of a world gone crazy.
You are not your ego.
You are not a thing that belongs to this earthly reality.
You are only a visitor, not the product of some cranky god or the result of some sort of magical scientific evolutionary process.
You are this silent god that forever offers you undreamed of treasures.
You have forgotten because you are bound up by your own self-importance.
You are in a prison of your own fears.
You have been dumbed down by accepting and trusting the ideas in the outer world.
Your intuition never stops offering you easy solutions and you rarely stop rejecting it because you think you know best.
The madness in your world is a result of the madness in your mind.
It doesn’t come from anywhere else.
Your intuition offers a solution, you reject it.
It’s not offended, it just continues prodding and poking at your mind, trying to encourage you to wake up and remember.
Your true self is like a huge abyss of impossible potential.
It is a vast resource of infinite possibilities.
It does not believe in the petty and scrawny, cheap little world that you cling to.
It sees far, far beyond your trivial fears and paltry ideas.
When you repeatedly say the words ‘absolute freedom’, you lay down all of your meaningless pretensions and hand your world over to this personal god thingy that you are.
It’s essence is absolute freedom and this is what it will bring into your life when you surrender to its strange and unpredictable ways.
You are not a water robot with an organic computer for a brain.
You are not a responsible and sensible adult strutting and pretending in front of a strutting and pretending world
Your body is only a vehicle that you are using to travel this alien environment.
In reality, you are the endless abyss of absolute freedom that is forever urging you to remember.
It wants you to remember so that you can get on with true life, a life full of absolute freedom.
It wants you to be it and act spontaneously and fearlessly, so that you can become a living expression of absolute freedom.
It’s not special or holy or advanced.
It is not enlightened or wise or exclusive.
It is your natural but forgotten state.
You are a god thingy.