You limit creativity

These things limit your ability to create the life you would love:

You don’t trust your intuition
You trust your mind
You live in the past by overvaluing your memories.
You can’t focus long enough to give your desires the energy needed for them to become a reality.
You change your mind too often.
You don’t take the time to really understand what you should be aiming for.
You believe you know best for most things in your life already.
You constantly compare instead of being contented with your own individuality.
You are afraid to think big, really big and instead, settle for mediocrity or nothing.
You fear that some sort of god thingy is always judging you.
You listen to the advice of others and ask for opinions.
You limit your imagination for fear of ridicule.
You think you should try and be sensible rather than trust the urges of your heart.
You believe in the wisdom of big brother, even though the system constantly fails the people.
You trust the media, even though you know they lie.
You believe in luck instead of effort, if you don’t have a focus, you won’t have the luck.
You are superstitious and this puts restraints on your thinking.
You don’t think you are clever enough to be a creator.
You make excuses for your laziness and you let your mind wander into negativity.
You think you already do everything properly, it’s the universe that’s got it wrong.
You won’t take responsibility for every single thing in your life.
You blame everyone and everything but yourself for your predicaments.

You are in essence a free eternal being.
You are a natural-born creator.
You are a maker of worlds.
You have everything you could ever want already in your heart but you won’t listen.
It’s time to let it all go and to let it all out.
You can have anything you want if you do it through your heart.
Ask it.